The Spruijt family,


Henk-Jan & Marjoleine Spruijt with their children: Bas, 18 years & Sara, 16 years.

And their animals: the dog's called Choco and three cats are called Chonnie, Anita and Caramel.
Our horse Liseron (Merens horse) is available for small walks accompanied by our daughter Sara.

This was written by Marlen Sauvage-Guerra for the "Respire Lozère Magazine" 4, 2014. (For our website we amend section on some points).

"On the heights of Vialas in the protection zone of the Cevennes National Park, settled eight years ago a Dutch family. Marjoleine and Henk-Jan Spruijt had plan to open an architecture firm. Life has decided otherwise. At The Source of Castagnols, the source name of the hamlet that flows over their land, they propose four charming guest rooms in an old restored farmhouse.

Arrived in 2006 in the hamlet of Castagnols, above Vialas, Marjoleine and Henk-Jan Spruijt spent ... their energy to renovate the buildings overgrown with vegetation. Today, La Source de Castagnols is labeled Chambre de Charme. Their situation on the GR de pays du tour de la haute vallée du Luech is a real asset, seven walks start from the house. One part of the farmhouse date of 1684. Henk-Jan architect keen on the history of the place, tells how all the buildings has been built over time. His voice said again astonishment at the two bread ovens, the clède, the mill, the barn, the barn ...

When they came from the Netherlands, the couple knows the Lozère for having spent many holidays. Their children were 8 and 10 when they discover Castagnols.

They intend to open an architectural firm but technical constraints force them to give up. Marjoleine who was a nurse welcomes the change calmly: "Here we have learned confidence. We must learn to adapt. "They engage in the work to host guests. Today, they offer four bedrooms, and are planning the fifth room in 2015. Marjoleine and Henk-Jan commit to ecological tourism in the Cevennes Ecotourism association. The choice of restorative materials is for them obvious:

"It's complicated to be delivered, it is better to use dry stone and local wood!"

Their openness, respect for the environment, their love of local architecture, people, landscapes, contribute to the success of their installation. "We have been welcomed in the village. Here the shutters are open, "smiles Marjoleine.

At their table, they are sometimes numerous. Many foreigners - the couple speaks 4 languages - but above all the French. "We certainly do not want to be a Dutch enclave in this little corner of Lozère."